The Dunker’s Spot

I don’t know when or why I started listening to Zach Lowe.

I mean, when in the last six months was I optimistic about basketball? Wanting more of it in my life? Previously, I’d been happy to log into my basketball Twitter when things were good, and log out when it was bad. That was a perfectly serviceable amount of analysis for 20 years or so. That plus whatever nerdy stuff friends would float.

Maybe I just needed a new podcast because I got really into listening to podcasts when I do the dishes. (I’m still really into podcasts and audiobooks for chores. If you have a recommendation, I’m all ears. My top categories are basketball, history, and gossip. A 43-year-old cis female boomer dad who enjoys gossip over here.)

Maybe I was just excited and looking forward to the future in a very specific period of time between May 17 — Blazers get the third pick — and July 2 — Dame requests the trade.

Ha ha, remember that? Everyone was like, “Dame’s going to request a trade!” and I was like, “Well, maybe he won’t! You don’t know Dame! Stop acting like you know Dame!”

Truly, though, most of you don’t. And some people should stop acting like they should. Even if they’re right sometimes.

Overhead view of 3/4 of a red outdoor basketball court

Anyway, I started listening to Zach Lowe at some point this last year. He does a nice podcast that does a lot of analysis that’s around my around my level, and some that’s above. That’s the sweet spot. He’ll yell about things sometimes. It’s entertainment. But it’s grounded and I appreciate it.

That’s where I learned about the dunker spot.

At first I thought it was the dunker’s spot. Which might make more sense, but whatever.

I brought it up as a joke to my husband. Using this fancy basketbal lingo. “Yeah, they just post him up in the dunker spot, lol.” 

That was…. Six months ago?

So tonight, I decided to look up what the dunker spot is.


It’s pretty much what I would’ve guessed. The dunker spot is on the baseline, just outside the paint. A legal spot to lurk, waiting for the ball to come around so you can cut in around the basket. And… dunk?? If you so choose. That’s your spot.

You’ll usually want to fill in the dunker spot on the weak side. Now, here’s the embarrassing part: I also had to look up what the “strong side” is. Despite having heard “strong side” and “weak side” hundreds of times. The strong side is the side of the court the ball is on — like the right side or the left side. And it changes when the ball swings around.

Now I know.

Quick shout out to The Dunker Spot podcast, which I started listening to via The Lowe Post. Maybe I’ll send in a question one day.

I have a lot to learn.

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