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  • Are the Blazers for real?

    While there’s no conclusive evidence that the Blazers are not real, we cannot ignore the possibility. Are the Blazers mythical? Metaphysical? Monsters created by man to confuse and delight us?   Having never seen any of these players close up, I am personally unable to rule out robotic or magical characteristics. Blazers I have met: Bonzi Wells…

  • #girlbye

    I follow JJ Hickson on Twitter, and I mostly ignored his #girlbye tweets when they came through. It seemed like  a 33-year-old married lady wasn’t the prime audience for that inside joke. I’m fine with that. Most of those tweets are just male versions of Dealbreakers, right?   So far, so good. Not offended one…

  • This Pinwheel Heart

    Hey! We’re here! What’s up! This is Pinwheel Heart, and we’re Blazers fans. Other sites do stats and analysis just fine, so we’ll leave them to that. We’ll do feelings. Welcome.