I follow JJ Hickson on Twitter, and I mostly ignored his #girlbye tweets when they came through. It seemed like  a 33-year-old married lady wasn’t the prime audience for that inside joke. I’m fine with that.

Most of those tweets are just male versions of Dealbreakers, right?



So far, so good. Not offended one bit. He wants to shout out strippers? Hey, this is Portland. We have lots of them, and we appreciate when they do good work. I might not put that on my Twitter account if I had more than my 5 followers, but I can be overly cautious like that.

But one of these is problematic.


As a woman, my first thought when I read this is that it’s sexual. That if a woman asks her partner to stop in a sexual situation, that would make her undesirable.

Am I reading this wrong?

If so, how am I supposed to read it?

I guess I’m supposed to be “less sensitive” and not take it seriously. Well, sorry. I’m sensitive to rape culture. Maybe the Portland Trail Blazers should be too. Rape’s not a joke.

No, this one tweet is not a matter of life or death.  I realize that. I just hope the Blazers, in their “internal dealings” with the matter, used this as a teachable moment to show a bunch of influential young men that this kind of joke isn’t okay.

If you think I’m a harpy or a bitch for bringing it up – look inside yourself. I’m not hating on anyone. I’m angry about someone’s action. Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s just hope this mistake is seen for what it is.

Or explain to me what the joke was.


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