Does LA need a(nother) nickname?

There are a few things that bug me when I go to a Blazers game:

1. No soft pretzels! At least, not in my lazy explorations. If there’s a soft pretzel vendor in the Rose Garden, please point me toward them.

2. The intros. They’ve introduced the visiting team, blah blah blah, okay. When they say “the Rose Garden is…” we’re supposed to say, “OUR HOUSE.” But it always turns out a little late. “So everyone get on your feet, ’cause here comes your home team!” The music’s pumping, everyone’s standing up and clapping in rhythm…and then the weird dramatic music starts. Clapping awkwardly peters out – we are no longer excited. We’re just watching TV now. The video is supposed to make us think that Meyers Leonard is some kind of jungle cat. They don’t even have shirtless line-running shots anymore! That was the best part!

3. People in the 300-level trying to get the blimp to come over to them, despite the laws of gravity dictating that they are never, ever, going to receive a prize dropped from it. Sad.

4. Announcers referring to LaMarcus Aldridge as “The L-Train.”


Have you ever had one conversation in your real, non-internet life when someone referred to LaMarcus as The L-Train? Does that nickname really conjure up the essence of his game? What’s wrong with plain old “LA”?

Does he need a new nickname?

La-AllStar – clunky but we get the point.

How do we feel about LaMonster?

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