Mike Rice Drinking Game


Take a drink when Rice:

  • Emphasizes the word “reaaaaalllly”
  • Talks about the food he’ll eat at the next road game
  • Expresses regret for the amount of food eaten at halftime
  • Discusses referees’ perceived ability based on their jersey number
  • Successfully describes Rice’s Ridiculous Deal
  • Confirms that a player “can do that” or “will do that”
  • Doesn’t complete a sentence
  • Is referred to by himself or others as The Wild One or Wild Rice

Finish your drink when he:

  • Takes off his headphones to talk to the refs
  • Eats popcorn on camera
Alternately, if you or your buddy doesn’t drink or you’re pregnant or whatever, make a bet based on the game result. Every time you would “drink” toss a nickel or a dime or a quarter in a hat. Every time you would “finish” toss a buck in there. Whoever wins the bet takes home the pot.


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