Andre Miller Appreciation Day

I was planning on doing a post about how awful Raymond Felton is and how he Ruins Everything, but the internet and his own big mouth are doing a fine job of that. Just search “Felton” on Twitter real quick. It’s all Hostess and botched dribbles. Thanks internet! Sometimes, your Twitters truly make my heart glad.

This frees me up to remember everything wonderful about Andre Miller, who is currently in my top five favorite players. Not best players. Favorite. It’s different. Calm down.

Here are some of the best Andre Miller moments as a Blazer, in no particular order.

1. His 52-point game against Dallas. I met my husband at a bar to watch this about halfway through, and we both thought that we had heard or seen his point total wrong. HE HAS HOW MANY?

2. The one time he dunked.

3. The fake time outs.

4. He admits to eating hot dogs in the off season – yet comes into the season in decent shape. INTERESTING.

5. Apparently, he loves to roller skate (placing him near and dear to my own heart).

6. He got mad at Nate McMillan and yelled at him. Then they worked it out and moved on. Like grownup people are supposed to do.

7. After Meyers Leonard dunked on him and acted like an idiot, Dre just scored on Meyers on the other end and made what was probably the game-winning play.


What did I miss?




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