Brandon Roy in the house: Meh.

A few short months ago, I was full of feelings about the Brandon Roy situation. Rage. Regret. Dejection. I felt like someone was lying to us about his health, and wasn’t sure if it was the Blazers or Brandon himself. If we couldn’t have him, I didn’t want anyone else to have him either.

I guess things have changed.

Those breakup feelings have been tempered by time.  As for the ex, it’s been long enough that you can think of your time together fondly. You were sorry to lose him, but now you have this new guy you’re seeing who’s younger and takes all your attention. You’re off having fun with a team that’s playing better than expected and competing in close games (MOST of the time), so you’re not wallowing in what could have been.

Now Brandon Roy is just someone we used to know. When he comes up in conversation, I feel bad about what’s happened to him and his knees for a moment. Then I move on.

The fact that he’s coming to sit behind the Minnesota bench makes about as much effect on me as he will on the game.

He can sit there in a suit or not – I’ve got my closure.

What about you guys?


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