The Brandon Roy question

At this moment, there are many questions Blazers fans could or should be asking themselves about Brandon Roy. How much is left in his knee? Is it any more than what was left two years ago in the playoffs? Could he ever play more than 15 minutes a game or 20 minutes in a back-to-back? Who was telling the truth about this whole debacle, and at what point? What could this new doctor possibly do with plasma that the old doctor couldn’t? Is Dr. Roberts worth anything? Jay Jensen? Will our hearts ever mend, or did this tear our hearts apart slowly, with the only recourse being removal? Like Brandon’s meniscus?

There is all that. But  first, there is one pressing issue that fans need to address:

What are we going to do when Brandon Roy comes back to Memorial Coliseum?

Options as I see them:

Silence. Crickets. Difficult to pull off if he’s not starting and just gets inserted into the game whenever.

Booing. Too sad? And we’re not necessarily mad at the guy, right? Are we? Not sure?

Cheering. Not quite an expression of how it most of us feel.

Polite applause. Respectful, but far short of a standing ovation. Getting closer.

Is there some other kind of choice?

Some gesture?

Ummm…not quite.



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